Let it rain

Today I read about a funny promotion of Priceline on TechCrunch. Priceline is giving a „sunshine guarantee“ for over 100 destinations from July 1 to September 7. If it is raining for at least half of your vacation, you will get your money back. Unfortunately there are no European destinations listed in the deal. Therefore, I made a test with Albany, NY, as the destination. Since I lived close to the city for a year, I know the area a little bit. Just for fun, I chose Schenectady (which is 30 min by car from Albany) as my departure city. And guess what the „super-intelligent“ booking engine is doing: Offering me a trip from Hartford, CT (I would need 2 h to get there) to Albany by plane. And then a stay in the Days Inn Schenectady! In total, I would pay $ 700 for two flights and 7 nights in a hotel room in the city that i wanted to leave. However, if it is raining, I get my money back at least ;-)

I admit, that my test wasn’t realistic, though, it is a funny example that you should not trust travel search engines blindly.

5. Juni 2008

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