Toursim industry statistics

In the latest issue of the career magazine „Junge Karriere“ I found some interesting statistics about the tourism industry in Germany.

The „Top-Tourists“ are travelers from the Netherlands. 9.0 millions have been staying in Germany in the year 2007. If you look at the total population of the Netherlands, which is  16.5 million, this means that more than half of the country’s population visited Germany last year! Number two in this list are tourists from the USA. There were 4.7 million US citizens visiting Germany.

The ratio business travel to leisure travel was 35 % to 65 % (measured as percentages of the total travel agency revenue of € 21.1 billion  in 2007).

Finally, where do the people book their vacation? 41 % book in a traditional travel agency, 22 % book accommodation directly, 12 % book transportation directly, 10 % use online travel agencies and 8 % book with a tour operator (multiple choices where possible). The trend over the last tree years is clearly pointing towards online booking.

27. Juli 2008
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  1. mike sagt:

    Kann was in Thailand anbieten, Nähe Flughafen, ca. 30 KM Richtung Norden

  2. Andreas sagt:

    Hallo Mike,

    eine Unterkunft in Thailand wäre fantastisch! Einfach einstellen, bei Fragen sind wir jederzeit erreichbar.

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